Shenzhen Leite Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is an enterprise with 13 years of experience in producing and selling all kinds of fasteners.

Our business includes customized CNC, cold heading, die-casting, hardware precision stamping parts, CNC machined parts and other non-standard special fasteners. Comply with GB, ANSI and DIN, UNI, JIS and ISO standards. Products are widely used in aerospace, energy, electronics, machinery, chemicals, military metallurgy, molds, hydraulics, automobiles and other industries. And passed the ISO9001, SGS and ROHS international quality system certification.


If you have a new product drawing or a sample, please send to us, and we

can custom-made the as your required. We will also provide our

professional advices of the products to make the design to be more

realized & maximize the performance.


If you have a new product drawing or a sample, please send to us, and we can custom-made the as your required.

Solar Bracket BoltSolar Bracket Bolt

Handle Cam Rod BoltHandle Cam Rod Bolt

Flower Basket BoltFlower Basket Bolt



CNC Machining / Cold Heading Process

Sheet Metal Stamping / Lost Foam Casting Technology


Process Characteristics:

CNC machining has stable processing quality, high machining precision, high repetition accuracy, high cost, and the minimum accuracy can be achieved by one wire.


ABS, PC, POM, PP, acrylic Bai (PMMA), nylon, bakelite, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, low Du carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, etc., iron fluoride Zhi dragon, PBT, PPS, PEET, polyurethane foam, etc.

The Production Process:

Determine raw materials – incoming inspection – Programming – fixture – Manufacturing (there are three axis, four axis. Five axis can process several surfaces at the same time) – finished products – surface treatment – laboratory testing – packaging and shipping.

CNC Machined shell of mini desktop computerCNC Machined shell of mini desktop computer

Precision MachiningPrecision Machining

Precision Machining PartsPrecision Machining Parts

Guitar PedalGuitar Pedal